Z-Plane Records is the brain child of Dennis Tapper and Henric Fietz, also known as the psy trance act hux flux. Our main mission is to deliver high quality psychedelic music to the global trance community. For us, being PSY - "a freak" includes sharing fundamental values like concern about the environment, showing compassion and protecting the weak. This also reflects in our approach to the people we work with. After the creative phase music is business, but the good vibes must still be there. Simply put - we want great music, but it's important for us that the artist can spread a good vibe even without sounds..









One very central thing with us is that there must be a meaning in everything we produce. Music, artwork, text etc - there must be something more to it than just superficial attention drawing. Nothing is there for no reason. Coolness is not enough..




Whats up with our logo? What is the Z-plane? Sound can be viewed in different angles, one is the normal human brain adapted time domain perspective in which you see things in a linear time aspect. You see the waveform of a track on soundcloud, you see the waveform in the audio editor etc, but there is another view of sound that is just as real as the one we have adapted by convenience, and it's the frequency domain. It's just another comletely different PERSPECTIVE. Where ANY sound can be viewed as a combination of simple sinus waves of different volume and frequency. And its just as real as the normal way to see it. But its another PERSPECTIVE.


If you got the interest look up Z-plane, sinc function, frequency domain in the links under this text. Our logotype, that little waveform, is called the sinc function and is tightly connected to this stuff.




Changing perspective is one hell of a thing. You can take a boring monday morning standing there spreading aweful marmite on your toast. Thats a boring monday morning. But if you zoom out from that narrow window its something else. There you see a self aware organism, a product of billions years of evolution spreading marmite on that toast. WHY the fuck should you be there at at all spreading marmite on a toast? Some time ago,a long time ago in one PERSPECTIVE, life was nothing but simple amino acids starting to self replicate, and eventually they formed to be cells, and then multi cellular organisms, add some fast, fast, fast forward evolution to that, and whats there? Intelligent, self aware organisms questioning themselves. Why am i here? Why is all this? Why does the universe exist at all?



Complex plane


Sinc function


Frequency domain